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Business and Financial Strategy for SMEs 


This is the current suite of key professional services provided by Company Solutions. But as the business environment changes, we change with it. 

Our ability to adapt comes from the range of experience of our team and our willingness to partner with other like minded professionals. 


Our key services include:

-The sourcing and advising on the management of finance for owners of SMEs and for the self employed. 

-The sourcing and advising on product licences; franchises or distribution rights. Our clients are predominantly Irish SMEs  seeking to find new markets overseas

-We actively assist owners of SMEs and the self employed who wish to sell their business. Reasons for sale have included  retirement; emigration; business downturn; ill health. 

-In parallel, we also actively assist owners of SMEs and the self employed who wish to acquire other business or merge  with other businesses

-We also provide confidential and sensitive advice to business owners or individuals unable to manage their existing  bank  debt. We also act for distressed borrowers in their engagements with their lenders and assist in the formulation of  proposals for their lenders.